Features & Interviews

All Marine Radio BookTalk with Michael McNamara


ALL MARINE RADIO -  Ted joins All Marine Radio to discuss a better way to think about transitioning so that service members have the right plan of action for their second career. 

Ted's Tips for Service Members Transitioning into Civilian Life


SAN DIEGO VETERANS MAGAZINE (Pg. 26-27) - Ted sat down with writer Eve Nasby to share his best tips to help transitioning service members find the right company to grow in their second career. 

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast - Episode 102


ORION TALENT - Ted joins Orion Talent on their podcast, From the Battlefield to the Boardroom, to discuss his new book Depot To Depot and his free military transition workbook Take Time To Think. 

Veterans Finding Purpose In Corporate America


 COURAGE TO FIGHT AGAIN PODCAST - Ted joins host Aaron Perkins to discuss his transition and transformation from the Marine Corps to The Home Depot including the foundational values and prioritization that helped him find the right job post service. 

DEPOT TO DEPOT Serves As Guide For Transition & Leadership


 JACKSON HERALD TODAY -  Ted's new book highlights his transitional journey from Private to Colonel and into his current role as a leader in Corporate America. He also shares timeless leadership lessons for both the corporate executive and the newly-hired manager.  

A Life-Changing Heart Attack & Lessons For Corporate America


 ATLANTA BUSINESS RADIO - Ted speaks with the hosts of Atlanta Business Radio about the heart attack that changed his life forever and the things he learned in the Marine Corps and from mentors along the way that helped him work his way up the corporate ladder.  

Pursue Purpose and Success Will Follow, Take Colonel Studdard’s Word for It


HUFFINGTON POST -  Sitting in the Wall Street office of a top US bank, Ted Studdard, Retired Marine Corps Colonel, found himself, as Marines like to say, on the horns of a dilemma. He was being offered a fantastic job. But something was wrong. 

3 Leadership Lessons That Will Take You From the Battlefield to the Boardroom


WE ARE THE MIGHTY - Ted never would have thought his experiences in the field would result in a leadership position in the private sector. From leading Marines in combat to leading employees at The Home Depot, Ted has found that good leadership translates no matter where you serve. 

Ted's Lifelong Leadership Tips and Sharing The Power of Leading by Example


THE DR. WALTER SIMS SHOW - Ted joins Dr. Walter Sims on his podcast to share stories from his time serving in the Marine Corps and gives examples of good and bad leadership that have shaped his view on how each of us can be a good leader in work and life. 

What Makes a Great Leader?


MAKE YOUR MARK PODCAST - Ted sits down with Mark Moyer to discuss the makings of a great leader. He shares his experiences in combat to serving in the Pentagon and at The Home Depot to give advice on the skills and qualities he's learned that make someone a great leader. 

Ted Studdard on Hiring America


HIRING AMERICA - Hiring America's Lauren Wanko visits Home Depot store #121 in Atlanta, Georgia to speak with Ted Studdard, Leadership Training Manager, Merchandising Execution Team for The Home Depot University and discusses the values that drive The Home Depot forward.

Growth in Service


AMERICAN GRIT - Ted and Melissa Studdard sit around a telephone in their living room on a Saturday afternoon. I’m interviewing Ted, but he’s asked Melissa to sit in, “because she’s the brains of the operation”. Their years of dedication to one another and our nation are clearly apparent as we chat.