Depot to Depot

Release Date: October 10th, 2019

Thirty-six hours after graduating high school, Ted was on his way to boot camp at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina. He started as a private on a journey that would span four decades, touch five continents, encompass two wars, and ended up as a leader at The Home Depot, the number one home improvement retailer in the world. 

Depot to Depot is a fast paced series of interwoven leadership stories that follow Ted’s global journey from private, to colonel and his current role as a leader in The Home Depot. He shares timeless leadership lessons applicable to both the corporate executive and the newly hired manager. 

The story also highlights the eclectic experiences and vast responsibilities our service members have, and suggests that hiring managers in Corporate America would be well served to leverage this great pool of human capital to grow and improve American business that undergirds our national economy. 

Much more than a leadership primer, Depot to Depot provides a great illustration of the transformation that veterans must make as they begin their personal journey from the service back into civilian life. 



Military Transition workbook


Take Time To Think

Ted speaks with transitioning veterans almost every day, and so often the conversation revolves around how to successfully transition from the service to the civilian community. They want to know how Ted was able to make the leap into a leadership position in Corporate America after an untimely heart attack forced his retirement from the Marine Corps. 

His answer is always the same... proper planning and execution. It's not easy asking yourself the most important questions: 

  •  What do I truly want in my next career? 
  • What is my family situation? How will they be affected? 
  • Are my finances under control?

That's why Ted has set aside months to craft this workbook, Take Time To Think, in order to help as many transitioning veterans as possible... and it is available now for FREE.