Depot to Depot

Depot to Depot

Depot to Depot Depot to Depot Depot to Depot

 Thirty-six hours after graduating high school, Ted Studdard was on his way to boot camp at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina. He started as a private on a journey that would span four decades, touch five continents, encompass two wars, and ended up as a leader at The Home Depot, the number one home improvement retailer in the world. His stories, observations and experiences as a leader--from desert combat, to the halls of the Pentagon, to the aisles of The Home Depot are sure to enlighten and inspire. Much more than a leadership primer, Depot to Depot provides a great illustration of the transformation that veterans must make as they begin their personal journey from the service back into civilian life, and highlights this huge reservoir of human capital that can be leveraged by Corporate America to reinforce our national economy. 

Actionable Keynote Speaking

Ted is a down-to-earth and engaging keynote speaker who paints a picture of personal and professional success through anecdotes and real life challenges he's faced as a 25-year Marine veteran and corporate leader for The Home Depot. Ted tailors each keynote speech or moderated Q&A session to align with the current challenges and goals of your organization and provides tangible strategies the audience can utilize immediately to excel in their personal and professional lives. 


Consistency + Accountability = Sustainability


Ted speaks to a group of leaders at the 2019 National Summit on Strategic Communications in Washington, D.C., sharing how consistency and accountability will lead to sustainability in any organization.

Lessons in Leadership with Ward Studdard


 Ted sits down with his son Ward to discuss leadership lessons he has learned as a professional kayaking instructor at a young age.  BE CALM, CONFIDENT & COMPETENT.